Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Closer

With the house actively being marketed, the dream is vividly becoming a reality. And so are the butterflies in our stomachs!  In addition to showing the house and fielding offers, we are slowly beginning to visually inventory our stuff.  The process is pretty simple actually...does it have emotional value...or can we let it go.  When we start to really analyse our stuff, surprisingly little has a "gotta keep it value."

We are finding out, pleasantly, that there is little that we want to hang on to and lots that we will easily let go...the boat, the cars, the truck, the camper, the motorcycles, the furniture, the art, the "collections."

On top of all this we are preparing for our Great Downunder Adventure.  In less than six weeks we will be in Auckland, New Zealand with 14 of our traveling friends.  Those upcoming ten weeks are going to be awesome.

When we get back we'll be even more motivated and the selling spree will begin. Ebay will be a great resource for moving things like the egg collection, model car and trains, tools, and boat accessories.  An estate sale will clean out the house.

Residency issues of where we want to end up are proving to be easier than we thought.  In Washington state for example, we simply need to register to vote and the address of a friend, or simply where we store the little stuff we decide to keep will work.

Visas and all the rest are no-brainers.  As long as we keep moving, no more than 3 months in one country after the next, we're in good shape.

Financials are becoming more and more clear.  Setting up a trust seems to be the best route.  That's in process now.  And our relationship is becoming closer and closer as we truly begin to embrace the dream.