Sunday, July 30, 2017

Day 10 - Beatlemania...and a bit of Liverpool

Our apartment was two miles from all the action.  We parked the car and wandered the Albert Docks for about an hour before boarding the Magical Mystery Tour bus.  This tour lasted about three hours and took us around Liverpool stopping often at significant places in the lives of the Beatles.  The music onboard was great and we had a very animated and funny guide.

A concert hall with John and George first met.

Paul's last home in Liverpool.
Where Ringo was born and grew up.

The famous Penny Lane.

Where George Harrison was born and lived.
Can you imagine what the neighbors must go through on a daily basis with all of the fans surrounding their homes.

Paul's home.  He came from a bit wealthier background than the rest.
The gates to Strawberry Field.

John Lennon's childhood home.

After the tour we wandered the downtown area.  This is the national cathedral.

The famous cavern club where what we know as "The Beatles" got their first shot of fame.

And then this happened.  Gay Pride Day and the parade.

We wandered again until we found a pub and settled in for some ales and Fish n Chips.

Then it was off to the Liverpool museum.  The design of the two new buildings was awesome.  The main museum has just opened earlier this year and the outside grounds and main entrance were still under construction.

Views of the state buildings and the Liverbird on the top of the domes.


The story of Liverpool exhibit was interesting telling of the growth of the city and the struggles of the people.  The current live expectancy is 78% due to poor heath and living conditions.  In the middle of it all was this model of the new Catholic cathedral they want to build.  It will only cost 2.5 billion pounds.  Really???  And what about spending that money instead on improving the health and living conditions of the people?  Wow!

Some fun with word tiles in the kids section.

We ended out day back at the docks and a quiet night in our flat.