Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 11-12 - Mitan Village

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It doesn't get any sweeter than this.  We departed Buhkara and drove to a nearby ceramic factory.  There we met the family who has been making this amazing pottery for over 300 years, passing down the tradition from one generation to the other.

 Visited by Mrs. Clinton some years back.  He made her a special platter.

 The one we ALMOST bought until we were informed with would cost $125 to ship.  Sadly none of our friends would carry it home for us.
We stopped an an ancient caravan serail \(road house\) this one from 1050 AD.  The cistern still supplying water, the roadhouse in ruins.

 We then arrived a few hours later at a family home is a quiet village an hour outside or Samarkand.  We would be guests for the night.  What a charming experience.
 Lunch was set up for us outside.

 The tandor was fired up for bread.

 Mamma made plov.

 We played with the cows.
 ...and the bees.

 Ate till we burst.

 Got the sheep into their pens for the night.

 Helped make ravioli for dinner.

Slept on the floor.
 Played dress-up.
Grandfather Bahrum, 73 and head of the family.  What a character.
 Dinner after dark.

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 8-10 - Bukhara

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We were shocked to see our bus in the parking lot.  A huge 50 passenger touring bus for our group of nine...LOL.  We each had a few seats to our selves and lots of windows for what would end up being almost a nine hour drive.  The city of Khiva quickly disappeared in the our rear view mirrors as we passed through a lot of farmland and cotton fields.  Those too quickly vanished and were replaced by endless views of desert sand and scrub.

 Marlena getting a closer look.

 Our grand hotel in Bukhara.  Sweet and very upscale for $45 a night.

We enjoyed a nice rest after the long drive, went to dinner as great restuarant and got ready for the next day in my favorite Uzbekistan city. 

Our guide Munisa was so sweet spoiled us rotten.  The most beautiful tile in all of Uzbekistan awaited us and until Samarkand which we will see in a few days, most of Buhkara is this beauty from 1437.

 Da Gang.

 A synagogue.

 Inspecting the handmade scissors and knives.  This guy loved us after most took one home.

 Magnificent followed by magnificent.

 A carpet showroom with weavers.

 Silk.  It takes up to a year to complete on of these in silk.  320 knots to the inch.

 The largest madrasa in the middle east.  Spectacular tile work.

 Its massive minaret.
 Over 230 stone pillars plastered and painted white.

 Next up was the Ark...a fortress within the city walls built on a rock hill.

In the morning we had a free day.  Hans started his by sweeping the sidewalk.
We revisited the carpet store an collectively dropped of $10k.  Bobbie and I bought these two beauties for our future home.

Hans and George joined us for our outside the walls walkabout...this time through the local market.  It was huge.

 The ancient outer wall of the city...only two kms are left.