Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Travel Plan

Now that things are nicely in motion, it's time to lay out a plan for our five years on the road.  So here's the sketch to get things started.

8/15/2016 Depart Alaska for Seattle
8/20/2016 Receive truck, store personal property.  Visit friends,  Scout out properties.
8/30/2016 Pacific Coast Ride
9/15/2016 Arrive LA
10/1/2016 Depart on Great SW Circle
11/15/2016 Tanya and Fritz
11/23/2016 Thanksgiving with Rick and Susy.  Houston.
12/10/2016 East to Florida.
12/25/2016 Christmas with Becky.
12/27/2016 Marathon Island - Key West
1/2/2017 Key West
2/1/2017 Begin East Coast trip
3/1/2017 Charlottesville
3/7/2017 DC
3/21/2017 Philadelphia
4/1/2017 NYC
4/15/2017 Vermont
5/1/2017 Maine
5/15/2017 Massachusetts, Rhode Island
5/22/2017 Begin Northern return
6/1/2017 Chicago
6/10/2017 Wisconsin - Noreen and Pat
6/17/2016 South Dakota and Montana
6/24/2017 Yellowstone
7/1/2017 Return LA
7/15/2017 Depart for UK and Scotland
8/24/2017 Paris
9/6/2017 Begin Travel Club
11/12/2017 Begin South Korea
12/1/2017 Japan
3/1/2015 Western Australia
4/1/2017 Bali, Indonesia and Malaysia
5/1/2017 China
7/1/2017 Nepal and Tibet
8/1/2017 India
9/1/2017 Southern  Africa
1/1/2018 Honduras - Alex
4/1/2018 Italy
6/1/2018 Balkans and Eastern Europe
9/1/2018 Ireland
10/1/2018 West Africa
1/1/2019 Begin South America
1/1/2020 Return Seattle

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Some Final Stuff

Our departure is getting closer and closer as the days pass and now it is time to get some important stuff handled.  Now that the primary elections are over and we'll be on the road during the general election, we've terminated our voter relationship in Alaska and have requested forms to vote in Washington.  This action will officially start our beginning residency date and allow us to get new driver's licenses when we arrive in Seattle in a few months.

In addition we have updated our wills, health care directives, and are now addressing the establishment of a trust.  Since we will be doing a great deal of travel overseas we have become aware that the chances of something happening to us as the same time is increased.  No matter how slight that might be, we've worked hard to establish our portfolio and retirement accounts and we don't want them eaten up with probate and attorney fees.  It's a bit of a process and we have a good attorney reviewing the documents that were easily drawn up online for a fraction of the cost of traditional legal representation.

Summer is in full force in Alaska.  The gardens are beautiful and filling in nicely. There have have been some pretty awesome days so far and we are enjoying a few trips here and there to say goodbye in our own special way.

We are going to miss this house.  Lots of years.  Lots of memories.  Lots of beautiful flowers!