Friday, September 21, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Day 7 - On to Gorahpur, India

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We got a bit of a later start today departing after breakfast at 8AM.  Our drive took us over yet another mountain range and then on to the flatlands and the India Border.  We passed lots of banana plantations and teak forests before reaching Sanuli...a typical border town with NO PHOTOS allowed.  The border process was easy but took a long time.

First we had to exit Nepal.  We checked into the immigration station at the border, had our passports verified and stamped...and then we walked BACK into Nepal and had lunch.  Crazy.

Next we crossed the border in the truck, parked and got out.  At the India immigration checkpoint we waiting about an hour.  We could have simply kept was very relaxed.  We would of course have had to expect a few questions when we tried to leave in 32

We reached Goraphur late in the evening well past the dinner hour, checked into our BASIC, really BASIC hotel, and fell fast asleep. photos of our BASIC room...LOL.

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