Saturday, June 9, 2018

Transferring to Hong Kong - Another One of Those Long, Long Days

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Transfer days...the ones we love to hate. Along with meeting amazing people and the sights and sounds of foreign places, there are certain aspects of Nomadic life that are less appealing than others. Transfer days are at the top of the list. Here is how our move from JB, Malaysia to Hong Kong transpired.  Thanks to free airfare using reward points, the whole day cost us $65 USD and of course 15 hours of our time.
8 AM – Checked in and through the second checkpoint. Malaysian Immigration.
8:30 AM – Third checkpoint and the 8 y/o kid with the gun in his backpack.
9:15 AM – Our plane takes off on time.
!2:30 PM – We land in Macau 25 minutes ahead of schedule speaking Portuguese.3:30 AM – Up and finished packing. Breakfast, a final clean of the apartment, and some last minute email and internet stuff while still on a secure network.
6 AM – Out the door. Ordered a Grab. One hour ride to the airport…this is Saturday morning with no traffic.
7 AM – First security check at the airport. Even though we had done an online check-in yesterday, we still have to get boarding passes printed, along with luggage tags. One hour later…

1:00 PM – It was a long walk to Macau Immigration.
1:30 PM – A visit to the ATM to get money. We decide on Hong Kong dollars even though we are in Macau. The lady at the information desk says we will need Macau dollars for the bus ride and the ferry ticket. We exchange $100 HKD for a candy bar and change in Macau dollars at the airport 7-11. Some coins for the kids.
1:45 PM – On the bus to the ferry terminal where we get in line to purchase our tickets. We are short on Macau dollars. They graciously accept some Hong Kong as well. Whew!  We were only in Macau long enough to get to the ferry terminal and took the bus so that we could see a bit of the city.  Some really amazing buildings.

2;15 PM – High speed ferry to Hong Kong

3:15 PM – Arrive Hong Kong. Immigration again. 
4:00 PM – Taxi to our Apartment in Kowloon.
5:00 PM Head out to the supermarket for supplies.  The Marketplace was fresh, modern, with a great selection of supplies.  We found real Rib Eye steaks for our first night.

6:30 PM – Back home to prepare dinner and watch some Star Trek.

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