Thursday, December 6, 2018

Countries and Territories Visited - A Continuing List

As we traverse the world this is a list of the countries and territories we have visited...

No.   Country/Territory Special Event or Memory
1   USA  46 States, Key West, Thanksgiving in Houston, Christmas in Ft. Lauderdale.  Time with family and friends.
2   Cuba Time with Becky and Leo.
3   Canada Calgary and that brand new airport…and long layover.
4   Iceland The beginning of our six months with George.
5   Wales Amazing scenery and grand BnBs.
6   England Time with John.
7   Scotland The beginning of our five months with Andi.
8   France Special time with Ivan.  The club joined us.  Rick and Susy.
9   Belgium We stepped out of the train to plant a foot.
10   Netherlands Amersterdam.
11   Germany Berlin
12   Denmark Copenhagen
13   Norway Special time with Kristin
14   Sweden The Vada
15   Finland Helsinki and the prison hotel
16   Russia Special time with Don, Dianna, and Aleana
17   Tartarstan Kazan
18   Baiyut Republic Irkutsk and Ulan Ude
19   Korea Seoul and that amazing road trip
20   Japan Sapporo, Tokyo and Osaka
21   Australia Amazing time with Jane and Louise, spectacular drive up the west coast to Darwin.
22   Bali Mother temple, monkey temple and that great apartment with the pool
23   Indonesia Jakarta - the smog, the heat, and the noise.
24   Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru
25   Singapore The city itself, the heat, and the Botanical Gardens
26   Macau The long ferry ride
27   Hong Kong Kowloon and the Big Buddha Park
28   China All of it!!!!
29   Tibet Portola Palace
30   Nepal Great Neapl Treks
31   India People, Dragoman
32   Uzbekistan People, Bukhara
33   Kazahkstan Amaty.  Beautiful city.  Good rest.
34   Georgia Those crazy drivers.
35   Turkey Flight delayed.  Bought visa.  Stayed the night.
36   Bulgaria Quaint historic cities…the graffiti is amazing!
37   Romania Christmas with the kids!
38   Greece Wonderful walks visiting sites.
39   Albania Quiet apartment and city center.
40   Macedonia That bus transfer.  Stylish apt.
41   Serbia That amazing transfer day
42   Bosnia Herzegovina Sad Sarajevo
43   Republic of Srpska Long bus ride to Croatia, quick border crossing.
44   Croatia Andi!!!
45   Hungary Budapest and wonderful architecture.
46   Slovakia Bratislava river front, old town and castle.
47   Austria Vienna!!!
48   Slovenia Lubljana!!!
49   Italy Venice.  Andi's broken leg.
50   Ireland It's so GREEN.
51   Northern Ireland Giant's Gauseway
52   Scotland - AGAIN Neolithic Antiquities - Shetland Orkney Islands

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