Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Staging and Packing up the House

Our MLS listing goes live on December 28th.  Since we met with our real estate agent we have doing quite a bit of reorganization, downsizing, and packing.

It's amazing how you can take out a few pieces of furniture and make the whole room look bigger. In our case, we took out a LOT of furniture and "stuff" and the rooms look massive. It's a bigger house that we thought! And of course all of those "honey'dos" are finally getting me...ahhh, motivation.

What we pack up will be packed up for at least three to five years...maybe longer. Since we have started packing up our "we'll-keep-stuff," a common question arises. "will this be outdated the next time we see it?" With technology advancing daily, it's a fair question and whose answer is seeing a lot more stuff go into the "to-sell-now" box.

We're hoping the result will be a lot less to pack and a much smaller moving truck!

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