Monday, February 22, 2016

The Waiting.....It's killing me!

This so far has to be the hardest part of this project.  We have packed everything we can, sequestered all the stuff we intend to sell, and the house is staged perfectly for marketing.  And...we wait...and wait...and wait.  Twenty showings, no firm offer yet, and we've uncovered the bedroom windows!  That may not seem like anything, however keep in mind that this is Alaska and as spring nears that means longer, longer days, with lots and lots of sunlight!

So now it's time to figure out how to last the wait.  Taking on a new show at the community theater is difficult.  Once we go under contract things will move pretty fast..and of course, that could be tomorrow or much later on.  I've cut back on my charitable donation of time and am only doing things that take place within a month.  I've kept busy with minor repairs around the house.  We did spend a whole weekend opening up a wall between the dining room and living room. That should help with the sale.

My next task is to begin updating my online accounts to our new email address and other contact information.  We're keeping the old domain so that's not a bigh issue yet.  Our phone numbers are totally portable, so that's no big deal either. The lingering question is a residential address.  At this point we are leaning toward a service in the Seattle area that offers a mailbox address we can use for legal stuff like voting, driver licenses, and taxes.  In addition they scan all first class envelopes and forward the JPEGs.  We then decide what to forward periodically and what to shred.  They will even open upon request and make check deposits, etc.  Other than the forwarding postage the services for us is a flat $35 per month.  And really, that's it at this point.

Note:  I'm writing this in hopes that Karma will turn it all around in spite of my lack of patience!

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