Friday, April 8, 2016

Garage Sales Begin

Now that we have a definite plan, it's time to start unloading all of our stuff.  We decided to start with the garage and yard.  A Craigslist ad brought about 50 buyers and we sold nearly half of what we have put out.  It always amazes me what one person considers junk and the other a treasure.  Next week we start adding some household stuff, the yard and patio furniture, and most of the garden tools and equipment.  We're saving the furniture, art, and collectibles for an estate sale next month.  We delivered a couple of truck loads to the Habitat for Humanity Restock Store.  We dropped off books at a local charity thrift shop. The Salvation Army got a few more bags of clothes.  It's a good start and the cash from the garage sale will help to cover some of our moving costs.

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