Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Unexpected Gifts

Well, things happen.  This last week has been full of energy...and a few surprises...a few turns in the road...so far all with a silver lining and happy ending.

Our buyers decided they wanted a bit of remodeling done.  So we took out the entryway island/storage unit.  That meant patching the tile floor...now fifteen years old.  We ended up being short four tiles.  No worry...we improvised!

One of our motorcycles decided to act up by dumping gas into the crank case. For those who know bikes, this is not good thing.  After a week in the garage Bobbie was still stumped and no time left to get a good mechanic to check it out, we decided to ditch the bike and our plans to ride the Pacific Coast Highway. Sadness crept into our dream.  We posted an ad in Craigslist, checked out plane fare to Los Angeles, and notified everyone involved of our pending change of plans.

Karma has a funny way of changing things.  The ad got three immediate responses but disclosing the mechanical issue cooled them off pretty fast.  We were short 2,000 miles in one of our airline accounts and it takes two days to transfers miles to get those free tickets.  A good night's sleep and another test drive the next day...and guess what...no more gas in the crankcase.  Hmmm?  So back to Plan A and the PCH Trek is still on...yippee!

Five years back and fellow and I that were great friends had a parting of the way. I never really knew why...although I suspected dozens of things...mostly because of me I suppose.  Getting ready to depart Alaska for possibly the last time, he had been on my mind a lot lately.  I had thought about giving him a call for that last goodbye. Closure if you will.  However over the past few years I've sort of settled into a "let the past be past" state of mind, so I did not.  Two days ago we ran into each other at the post office.  We talked...almost like old times...and promised to stay in touch.  I even got a hug!  My heart is a bit lighter because of this chance meeting.

Within these few days our son has been facing some really tough challenges.  It hasn't been easy seeing him struggle but the closeness we have in almost daily conversations has been a gift.  I will miss this boy a lot as we begin our world travels.  Thankfully there is Facebook messenger and the internet.

Over the past few days we have been guests of several friends.  Dinner out and at their homes...what a nice gift to share a meal with people we care so much about. This truly is what life is all about.

So...thank you Karma for the gifts we didn't expect and certainly not in the packages they were delivered.  All is good.

And we are still packing!

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