Monday, January 23, 2017

Days 110-130 - Still in Key West

Day 130 officially marks the longest "vacation" we have very taken  Key West has been a relaxing and WINDY adventure so far.  We've been in dry camp (no hookups) since the first of the month.  It's amazing how long we can last on battery and stored water.  About every five days we button up the Rv and frive over the dump and refill station in the park.  The whole process to empty the tanks and refill fresh water takes about 30 minutes.  Running the truck once a day for a total of two hours (two or three times a day) charges up the house battery and we are making our way to full hookups in the next day or so.  From there we will enjoy two weeks of full power - that means air conditioning and a working microwave and oven.  Yippee.

Key West is small and CROWDED.  It is high season and there are tourists EVERYWHERE, crawling the sidewalks and poking out of alleys and walkways. LOL.  We use our bikes to get from the base and into town.  It's an eight mile round trip that takes about 30 minutes.  We have become accustomed to our favorite spots - Mallory Square, Sunset Bar, Tropic Cinema, Duval Street, Irish Pub, and the seeminly endless ways we can get back every day winding through the little streets linied with turn of the century wooden homes and cottages.

We have settled into a daily routine of getting up early - me around 4AM and Bobbie several hours later.  We devote a couple of hours to reading the news and having breakfast.  Bobbie runs along the eastern beachfront two or three times a week.  I workout at the RV while she's gone.  So far we are holding on to our muscle tone (smile) although I must admit that doing pushups and situps in the camper is not my kind of fun - one of those necessary evils in my book.  LOL.

The Tropic cinema is a non-profit theater showing first run movies as well ahs theatrical productions.  It's been completed updated in an Art Deco style,  It even has a statue of MM outside-skirt blowing in the wind.

There is a Regal Theater as well and we find our way to one or the other a couple of times a week.  Some things don't change as we sure do enjoy our films.

There are five, yes FIVE major grocery stores within a few miles in either directions as well as Home Depot, K-Mart, and the like.  Shopping is not an issue.  A UPS store accepts our packages and mail.

We are in the tthrows of finalizing our next Travel Club adventure to Europe and Russia.  The visa process is daunting and time consuming but all in all it is coming together beautifully.  This has been a redeeming factor for me in being able to fill my time since I am on the PC no less than three to five hours a day working on the Travel Book we issue for each adventure, negotiating with day tour companies, and finalizing arrangements.

Folks in this military oriented RV park are friendly but cliqueish.  No worries for us since we aren't looiking to form any long term friendships.  We seem to fall into an age group that is too old and too young at the same time.  It works out great.  One of our neighbors is quite helpful, memorable, and into everything going "Stan" keeps us up to date.

The water is a stone's throw and as soon as it warms up a bit I plan to be in it daily.  So far I've onlly ventureed out  few time and froze los cojones.  I know I'm whining.  The water temp is 74^.  I'm just being a wus.

Sunsets here are almost a pretty as in Alaska.

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