Monday, March 5, 2018

Our Last Few Days in Japan

Our last week in Osaka was quiet with several days of simply staying home, reading, watching TV, a bit of art, and working on a few projects.  Bobbie set to the task of redesigning a new duffel bag with shoulder straps and other attachments.  It replaces another of those heavier rolling backpacks I have been lamenting about for months.  Mine was replaced while we were in Tokyo.  They were great in concept, but ended up being too heavy and too big.  They weighed twelve pounds empty...the new ones less than three.  Dropping the weight will make our next international transfer a bit easier and less costly since fully loaded, we are now well below the 20 kg. per bag allotment.

Three weeks into our Osaka/Kyoto adventure, we have pretty much accomplished the entire "to-do" list of things to see.  We are at that all too familiar place of being a bit stymied by a lack of choices, enthusiasm to explore more, and opportunities to fill our time.  Once again we are confirmed in future planning to limit our longer visits in one location to no more than two weeks.  It is just not in our "tumbleweed" style to idle and we both feel the same way.

There are two things left in Kyoto that have a mild draw...a bamboo forest and another park full of monkeys.  Spring has arrived in Osaka and so have the rains...a week's worth in the we will planned according to local daily and hourly forecasts.  Being outside in monsoon style weather is no fun at all.  The torrents of rain and wind are amazing. 

We missed out on viewing the Oscars again this year due to an inability to receive a signal and had to settle for updates on the official Oscar website.  Being avid moviegoers, it was interesting for us in realizing this is another year into our odyssey where we did not see most of the maybe that is a blessing in we will have something to look forward to viewing on Netflix over the upcoming

Having caught a bit of "movie fever" again we attempted another foray in search of an English spoken film...not an easy task...and lucked out 30 minutes south of home at a large theater complex in the Namba district.  By accident I happened upon a website set up by an expat group and therein the opportunity was available.  Three current films were playing, all in English and we were able to see the "Shape of Water."  Having finally broken the code on how to find an English language film in Osaka, we planned for "Black Panther" on another day.

Little by little we worked out way through the kitchen pantry creating meals from what was left.  Once again we successfully kept ourselves very well fed on a $600 a month budget and will be leaving little behind...and once again we are leaving a major city in Japan without having been to a single restaurant.  Setting aside a few snacks at food stands during day trips. we are doing just fine without the added expense and agony of trying to translate a local  Our apartment inherits a few kitchen utensils we bought at the 100 Yen store and that occasional chair.  All of this, and a sparkling clean exit are helping to enhance our glowing reviews on Airbnb.

Our last few days will be spent organizing our departure, tidying up our apartment, and packing.  Long walks in between downpours will break up the time and we are ready for Australia.  We have made optometrist appointments to replace glasses, checked out cellular and broadband WiFi options, and are so looking forward to spending time with our dear Jane and Louise once again.

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