Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 7 - Paris to Amsterdam - Frenchy and Belinda Join the Group. Bobbie's First Joint and Great Dinner.

We slept in a bit and departed via the Gare du Nord station for Amsterdam.  The train we lovely and we enjoyed upgraded seats for the whole journey.

We arrived in Amstermdam's Centraal Station mid-afternoon and caught the ferry to our boat-hotel.

The bike racks are overwhelming.  This is a city of bicycles.  Few cars.

Magnificent music pavillion.

We checked into our boat hotel and took the ferry back to the city center for a bit of wandering and dinner.  This is the tiled walls of the submay under the main station.

Our first canal.

Stopping by a coffee shop for some java and weed.  Well, it is Amsterdam.  Goodness!!!
Bobbie's first hit, ever!!!  Maybe her last.

Great name for a head shop and grocery store.

Lots of canal house boats.

Great shutters.

An "electric" MGB.

We found a quaint Argentine steakhouse and enjoyed our first Dutch dinner.  LOL.

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