Thursday, December 22, 2016

Days 88 to 90 - Ft. Myers, FL

We packed up camp and headed south a few more hours reaching Fort Myers mid-afternoon.  We found a wonderful RV park at half-price and settled in for a few days of biking, swimming, and relaxation.  We head further east to Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday.

While in Fort Myers we took in an RV show touring dozens of motorhomes and trailers.  We're getting ideas together for when we return the USA in 2022 and need a place to stay while building our new home.

We drove out to Sanibel Island and spent a whole day biking the beach and wildlife refuge.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at a local restaurant.

We took in a movie at the local theater.

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Lover of life said...

You are both living the life of Riley for sure...what a way to spend the first year of retirement...great planning for sure.
Denise and Ken