Sunday, December 4, 2016

Days 64 - 73 - A Most Special Thanksgiving in Houston

Day 64 - We left New Braunfels a bit early to stop by a tire store for a checkup. All was well and we were on our way sooner than planned.  About 60 miles out of Houston the traffic slowed to a crawl and those last miles took a bit more than two hours.  We met our son at the Marriott Residence Inn.  He booked us for four nights in a very, very nice suite.  It was such a treat to get out of the van and have some real room to spread out...and that we did...almost to the point that we figured it would take us a day to get it all back into the van.  The hotel was lovely and the service was superb.

Later that evening we met up with the kids at their place.  It was the first time we had seen their home and it was quite nice.  We are so proud of our boy and how well he is doing.

Day 65 - Thanksgiving Day - We gathered at Patricia's home and met all of the in laws. We were joined by my sister Kathy and her husband.   Susy's family was wonderful.  We could not have felt more welcome.  The children were a pleasure. The energy was overwhelming and the love was flowing.  It was one of those family no-drama holidays that most folks only dream about.  We got to enjoy it!

Day 66 - NASA - Johnson Space Center Houston -  Today we were joined by Rick as we visited the space center.  We have been wanting to do this for a long time and today was the day.  It was great fun and got us all excited again about going to Mars!

Day 67 - Texas Renaissance Festival - The largest in the world and justifiably so.  55 acres of food and fun.  It was a warm day and all the costumes and fool-heartedry was great.

Day 68 - Another Big Family Day - We met with Susy's family once again for a lovely Sunday brunch, followed by bowling, and then a movie.  A very big and packed day.

Days 69 - 71 - Cypress and More Family Time - We said goodbye to the inlaws and headed over to Cypress for some downtiem with Billy and Tootie.  We sat around most of the day enjoy the quiet.  In the evening we were treated to Texas stuffed pork chops.  Over the next few days we just hung out, ate, and enjoyed the company.

Days 72 & 73 - A Couple of Days with a Special Friend - At the end of our Houston visit we ventured to Sugar Land and Paul's home.  He has a huge sprawling mansion in an upscale neighborhood.  We were sure the HOA was going to have a fit about our rig parked in his driveway...but nothing every happened.  We enjoyed eachother's company and Paul treated us to a local musical.  Good food and drinks abounded.

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