Thursday, June 14, 2018

Our First Week in Hong Kong

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We started off as we usually do by visiting a few of our favorite touring sites...the day tour company sites, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.  From there we got an idea of the thins there were to see and do and what interested us the most.  Hong Kong is a SHOPPING destination...but if you look carefully you can actually find some history and culture hiding among the shopping malls and tall buildings.

We walked down to the waterfront and enjoyed the views across the harbor at Hong Kong proper.

Hong Kong Tower is to the right and is quite impressive, although the one on the Kowloon side is our favorite.
 The historic Kowloon Clock Tower

 Opera House
 Current season and interior of the opera house.
 Gardens on the way to the history museum
A nice surprise...a really well done National Museum of History

 Yes there were tigers at one time.

 Wonderful circular hats

 Paper costumes

 Behind the scenes at the opera.  Don't ask how I got the photo.

 Giant paper "gods"
 Opera performers.



 Tea Shop.
 50's diner.
 School kids getting ready to visit the museum.  Great uniforms.
 Lunch in the park.
 Night market,

 Amazing gold leaf jewelry.  The largest neclace was priced at $450.
On our second day we headed across the harbor first to check on our India visa which was a bust.  Even though the website clearly indicarted all we had to do...and for those that know me, you know I understand how to follow directions, once we got there, our appications were declined becuase the embassy in Hong Kong has decided it only wants to issue 90-day visas.  Since the start the day they are issued we are out of luck.  So three weeks of preparation and documentation, printing and photos, etc....and we will now have to wait until we get to Nepal.

While there we decided to walk through the finanacial district to admire the buidlings.  This one caught our eye...and ended up being two towers side by side.

We found the Peak Tram and took a ride up to the top of Victoria Peak.

 The views from the Sky Terrace were outstanding...and it was HOT.

 We opted to ride the escalators down and headed back home.  It was a nice day and we only walked 6.9 miles.
On Day 3 I woke up with a sore throat and headache.  Within a few hours it blossomed into a raging head cold.  Digging into my magic bag of meds, I set to the time tested routines of treating the symptoms.  Deciding early on that it was a cold and not the flu was a plus.  Being the good doctor that I am...all boasting intended, I stayed in bed for three straight days.  On Day 7, voila!  No sniffiles...alas, it was now Bobbie's turn.  We share everything. 

I close this entry hoping she follows the same course and we are back outside soon. 

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