Saturday, December 2, 2017

Days 15 - 17 - Boesong and Jeonju - Some Really Beautiful Days in South Korea

We left Sucheon and drove an hour up into the mountains to visit another picturesque temple.  Songwang-sa was a bit of a walk up a tree lined road along side of a rambling stream.  It is located in a national park.

 The river you cross to get to the main gate.
 The guardians at the main gate.

 The inner courtyard.

 The first temple.

 The second temple.

 We returned to our temporary home for one more meal and another great night's sleep.  In the morning we departed for Boseong with a stop at Nami Village.  Another wonderfully restored and preserved vestage from the past.  It was a quiet day with not a lot of visitors and we walked the walls and wandered the streets.

 Kimchi in pots and ready for another grand meal.

 Totems at the gate.

 A city house complete with replica major and staff.

 A local kitchen.

 Ladies preparing Kimchi.
 Persimmons drying.

 From the village we climbed the mountains and into the tea fields for some awesome views and a cup of really good green tea at a local cafe overlooking the valley.

 Our hotel for two the night was a quaint and uniquely designed collection of individual huts with round roofs.  We had a kitchen again and made good use of the local market.

 The following day we ventured northward toward Jeonju with a stop along the way to visit Taipa Mountain and its temple.  Another fabulous walk, this time a couple of miles up and back.  Andi was a trooper and made it all the way up and down.

 The temple is set into between a massive rock mountain that was split in half millions of year ago by plate collision.

We got into Jeonju late in the day and checked into our hotel just outside the main gate to the folk village.  We walked into the village for dinner and just in time to see the Olympic Torch Rally running through the city for the upcoming Winter Olympics this February in Peyounchang.

 We took a whole day to wander the streets of the folk village, its temple and museum.


 Original painting of King Taejo from 1400's

 Lots of folks in native costumes...rented from local stores.

 Some really cute boys all done up.

 A visit to the local market.

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