Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day 14 - Peace, Serenity, Quiet Nature - Suncheon Bay National Garden

Opened in 2013 Suncheon Bay National Garden is a national treasure.  Fifty plus acres of natural wetlands and sculpted gardens beacons even the hardest heart to melt.  There are 12 formal gradens depicting styles from around the world, as well as several traditional Korean gardens.  In the middle of the park is the Bridge of Dreams (more below) and the Sky Cube.

 Roses still in bloom.  It was in the high 50's today.

Gardeners busy at work preparing for the winter sleep.

The Bridge of Dreams is a collection over over 140,000 tiles, each 3X3 inches and each designed by a child aged 2 to 14 years of age...from ove 40 different countries.  The tiles are charming and challenging as each depicts a child's dream of their future. The bridge spans the local river.

 In addition to the tiles there are glass mosaic pieces, each about 15X15 with words of wisdom taken from local people, works of Buddha, world literature, and comments from the artist.

 The SkyCube is a light rail system of six person pods that transports guests from the gardens to the wetlands and back.

 We spent the day wandering the grounds, some three hours worth of time admiring all of the plantings and design.

 These are the seeds of a special coconut tree found in the Schelleyes Islands. 
 This is the stamin of the main flower.

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