Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Our Third Week in Tokyo

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We've made good use of our time in Greater Tokyo.  Our home has been in Komae (just a bit left of center) and from there we have utilized the train system (literally over a hundred different lines) to get around the city.  Each of the circles below indicates a region or district we visited...some more than once.

We planned our days around the cost of transportation trying to take in as much of a particular district as possible.  This meant leaving the house early and coming back late in the day.  We have two planned more adventures left in the next seven days...coupled with an unexpected visit to the dentist later this afternoon.

We took it easy this week getting in some daily walks through the neighborhood.  Our landlord loaned us bikes and we took in a 25 miles, three hours tour up the river over some pretty nice bike trails and then weaved our way back through neighborhoods to home.
We headed over to the Rainbow Bridge, given its name because of the nightly light show.  We walked across the bridge and into the Aqua City area where we attempted to go to a movie.  Once again foiled by the website in all Japanese, we opted to not pay $20 a head to see a new release and instead wandered the area.

We discovered Liberty's sister in one of the parks.
In the Odaiba area we visited the Museum of Emerging Sciences for a few hours.  Lots of cool stuff, robots and displays of new technology.

At the end of the day we headed home, watched a bit of TV to stay up late for the lunar eclipse, blue, and blood moons.  That was a treat.

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