Wednesday, May 1, 2019

No 52 - Scotland - Edinburgh and Aberdeen

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This is our second time in Scotland in three years.  Our last visit was in 2017 with George and Andi where we toured the southern portion of the country from the lochs to the English border.  This time around we are focusing on the Upper Highlands and Outer Islands.  We could not have picked a better time of year.  It is high spring, the wildflowers are all in bloom, and we are about three weeks ahead of the major tourist crowds.  Carol is still with us and will be until London.  Nettie joins us in Edinburgh and will we along for the first eleven days of our adventure.

Our flight to Edinburgh from Dublin was rescheduled twice and we eventually departed late in the evening.  We spent five hours at the airport.  The flight was 80 minutes.  We landed late and by the time we arranged for our rental car, it was well after 11PM when we got to our apartment.  Luckily Nettie had arrive earlier and everything was warm and waiting for us.  For our three nights in Edinburgh, we landed a lovely three bedroom apartment about ten minutes south of the city center.

Since Bobbie and I did a good job of covering Edinburgh last time, we left it up to the girls as to what to see and do.  They decided to spend their first full day at the Edinburgh Castle and the Holyrood House Palace.  While they were visiting the castles, Bobbie and I took int the National Museum.  It was outstanding and overwhelming...the size of the collection...and the unique way in which they organized the exhibits.

For our second full day we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and the House of Parliament.

We departed early the next morning in route to Aberdeen.  Along the way we included to really nice castle homes and their gardens.

We arrived in Aberdeen and discovered that the hotel I had booked online was a renovated convent.  It was a great stay with interesting designed rooms, a pleasant staff, and a nice breakfast.  The following morning we included to additional castles in our day and then lost track of time.   90 minutes before boarding we realized we were going to miss our boat if we did not get a move-on.  flying across the glen we reached the harbor in time and boarded a very nice ferry to the 12 hour overnight crossing.

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