Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 10 - Capitol Reef National Park

We woke to a sunny morning with menacing clouds in the distance.  We hurried up our morning routine and decided to get into the park while the weather held. The vistas were spectacular.

However, by the time we reached the visitor center in Fruita the sky had fallen, weather advisories had doubled and the road into the most scenic part of the park has closed due to flash flooding.  With that we headed back to camp to sit out the rain.

In the afternoon the storm had cleared and we ventured a bit west into the next few towns in hope of finding an RV store.  Each of the next three towns barely had a grocery store, however in one was a True Value hardware store stocked about as bes as you can imagine.  We were able to purchase new domes for the RV and headed back to camp to work on the fix.

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Lover of life said...

Beautiful are living my dream.