Sunday, September 18, 2016

Days 5 & 6 - Rest Days

After all that hiking in Zion we decided it was time to start practicing that "living" element of nomadic life.  We simply can't be tourists every day.  On top of that the altitude is a a bit taxing.  We enjoy a slow morning getting things tidied up and stored.  Heading north we drove a short 65 miles to the town of Panquitch.  It is definitely a one-horse town.  Main Street if full of wonderful brick storefronts dating back to the 1890's.  We passed through town and up highway 143 to Panquitch Lake.  AT 8500' the air was fresh and the skies bright blue.  We found an RV park on the lake with a campsite overlooking the water. We will stay here for four nights.

A lazy afternoon followed with a bit of sketching and some napping.  We enjoyed a prime rib dinner at the cafe for $11.95 - the Saturday night special...and it was crowded!!

A light breakfast followed an awesome sleep.  We backed up a daybag, loaded our laundry into the Saturn and headed down into the valley and into town.  Being Sunday, the entire place was buttoned up...except of  course for the Morman churches whose parking lots were full.  We found a coffee shop, a laundromat, and a Family Dollar store open.  While the laundry was working we went shopping for supplies.

Back up the mountain we attempted to ride bikes around the lake.  We both were out of air before the second mile and called it a day.  Tonight is taco and movie night in niRVana.  Tomorrow we head our for a full day in Cedar Breaks Natonal Monument.

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Frenchy said...

Hi from Frenchy! I've traveled the states many times, must have missed a few places~ I'm in Ignace, Canada, fishing & volleyballing. Love you! Carry on! Happy Adventures, Frenchy