Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 7 - Cedar Breaks National Monument

"As if a giant hand grasped the covering of grass, trees, and dirt - pealed it back - and exposed the skeleton beneath."

We left early for a full day circle car tour starting with Cedar Breaks.  AS we climbed higher up the two the park, we entered massive hardwood forests in their bright fall reds, yellows, and oranges.  Just beautiful.

We weren't expecting it to be so dramatic.  Literally, only a mile across and bowl shapped, the entire landscape surrounding is grass and tree covered hills.  The altitude as 10,800' and the air was a bit thin for us seacoast folks.

After our visit we ventured down the otherside of the mountain range to Cedar City.  This was a very large town with lots of shopping and huge urban neighborhoods.  Once at the I-15 we headed north to the Highway 20 cutoff.  From there is was a drive once again ove the ridgeline and down in the the Pauguitch area.

We visiting our first ever Utah State Liquior Store for supplies.  Then a quick stop at the market for grocerires and back up tot he lake for the rest of the day. Everyday we are so surprized to see a green and beautiful Utah.

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