Sunday, September 25, 2016

Days 12 & 13 - Dinosaur National Monument

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We ventured out of the city and to nearby Dinosaur National Monument.  It will take two days to visit the park.  Today we went to the quarry.  And yes, the wall of bones is real.  Back in 1909, the discoverer hoped that someday visitors would be able to see the bones in the same way they were discovered,. They made it a national park and today it is quite a grand exhibit. The bones ar real and in their oririnal position of discovery.

It was overcast and rainy so we opted to return to town for some chores.  Our list for RV updates was completed at LoweOur s's and Walmart.  Afterward we went to the movies and saw ":The Magnificent Seven."

Our second day took us to the other side of the park and Colorado for the day. We were pleasantly surprised by the landscape, and views, and the couple of trails we took for some really outstanding vistas.

Back in the late afternoon it was time for some housecleaning and laundry and a quiet night at home.


Lover of life said...

This brings back memories of our trip there back in the early 1990's. We went to CO 5 years in a row every July. Thoroughly enjoyed the western part of CO from Denver west from the north to the south. Loved Gunnison and Silverton and will be anxious to visit again some day after retirement.

Unknown said...

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