Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 170 - Heading North - Our Push to New England

The time has come to say goodbye to south Florida and our family.  Becky and Leo have been wonderful hosts.  We realized just a few days ago that this is the most time Bobbie has spent with her sister since they were in high school.  We have had some amazing adventures while here...most of them documented on either this block or Facebook.

Our time in Key West was relaxing...maybe a bit too relaxing...since it appears our traveling legs have atrophied.  We well realize again and again that we are not the sit still and get old type.  Resorting is not our travel style and it is time to get back on the road.  However, this all being said, we are both in better shape now that when we arrived in Key West.  All that bicycling, hiking, and swimming has paid off.  I'm down another ten pounds.  Today I jumped on the scale to see 202.5.  I haven't been this skinny in many years and I feel amazing!!!

Blessings in disguise in the form of needed car and RV repairs came during this time period. We have now invested about $1,900 in the van with generator repairs, new tires, parts and interior repairs.  Our tow car now has been worked on three times since being in Florida.  Major engine work, a new tire and battery, and some cosmetic enhancements have reached the $2,000 mark.  Even with this we are averaging less than $3,000 a month in total.  We are talking EVERYTHING.  Gas, maintenance, lodging, food, entertainment, cellular service, sight-seeing, dinners out, entertaining friends, and lots and lots of activities.  This also includes the side-trip to Cuba!  This is huge for us as it confirms that we can continue our soon to start world plan well within our anticipated budget.

I want to send a huge shout-out to the Jacobsen's, a couple I have been following online for over five years now.  They did what we are now attempting.  If it wasn't for their very informative blog, I"m not sure I would have planned our odyssey quite as well as it has unfolded so far.

We head over to pick up our motorhome from the Cummin dealer in the morning.  With the generator repaired, our tow car now in tip-top shape, and our bodies rejuvinated and jazzed up, we are ready to hit the road.  First stop will be in Jupiter, Florida, home of the Cardinal's spring training camp.  There we will take in a couple of games.  Then it is on to Coco Beach to visit some Air Force friends before exploring St. Augustine a bit further north.  We expect to be in Savanah in a week's time.

Our next layover will be with our dear Andrea Woods at her home in Charlottesville, Virginia where we will spend time catching up with former traveling friends, getting another mail drop, and recoerving a bevy of packages that have been arriving and will arrive within the next few weeks.  At that point Andrea will join us for our Washington D.C. adventure.

All of that to come...and WE ARE READY.

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