Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 6 - Day Tour of Sugar Mill Valley and Old Town - Trinidad

Our local guide, Leo, arrived right on time and we rode out to the Sugar Mill Valley.  Our first stop was a lookout point high above the sugar cane fields.  The views were grand.

Bobbie tried her hand at the sugar can press.

Next we visited the site of an old plantation.  The main house is being renovated and the surrounding grounds contained ruins of the operaiton from the early 1800's.

The plantation bell tower was quite beautiful and fully in tact.

The furnaces where the cane syrup was boiled down.

Another Ford, this time with jazzed up aftermarket signal lights.  LOL.

At the next stop we visited another plantatino and of course had to deal with the gauntlet of linen vendors.  There were surprisingly pleasant and not pushy.  Leo and Becky were quite taken by the quality and prices.

Another magnificent tower that we were able to climb up for a view of the plantation and surrounding countryside.

Back in the city we toured the old town and its many historic buildings and a few museums.

A tavern dating back to 1625.

A Santeria shrine.

Cute goat pulled cart full of kids.

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