Monday, March 20, 2017

Days 174 - 179 - A Longer Stay than Anticipated

Sunday came and still a bit under the weather and waiting until tomorrow to get the car into the shop, we decided to stroll the flea market.  What a hoot.  Just about everything you can imagine at a flea market revealed itself.  Junk, farm veggies, religious fanatics, auctions of goods and animals, fried food of every sort, and an bevy of really unhealthy looking individuals.  We spent a couple of hours, bought some great produce, and returned to the RV for some R&R and a few scrabble games.  The local TV channels were all playing oldies so we watched The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, and lots of MASH.

 Monday morning we hooked up the car and towed it to the GMC/Saturn dealer.  Luckily their was a Walmart across the street and that's where we stayed the whole day while they went over the car with a fine tooth comb.  By the end of the day we had spend another $150 to find a lose wire to the battery a long with a heafty laundery list of "other repairs" that could be dealt with at another time or not at all.  The car running fine and doing what we need it to do, we headed back to camp.

We had been watching the weather now for a couple of days and huge winter storm was heading our way leaving snow and ice and below freezing temperatures in it's path from Canada all the way down to the Florida border.  At that point we decided it was a better idea to stay in St. Augustine until things warmed up further north.  After calling RV parks in Georgia and North Carolina to discove they were all full and folks were hunkered down, we lucked out by being ablt to extend our stay where we were in the overflow area.

On Tuesday feeling a bit better we headed into town with the bikes and decided to explore the city for a few hours.  What a nice surprise to find a historic gem, started ion 1525 and still rolling along.  We visited the Lichtner Museum, the University, both housed in old hotels from the early 1800.  Then we strolled through the tourist shop laden old streets, had lunch overlooking the historic fort and headed back to camp for a quite night.

On Wednesday we decided to drive north to Jacksonville to visit the Naval Hospital on base.  We needed to get a few scripts refilled and check in with a triage nurse about our continuing maladies.  It was a lovely sunny day, still cold, but invigorating.  We discovered a lovely harbor town and beautiful hospital.  Treated with superb service as usual, our health visit was completed quickly and we were given a clean bill of health in moving forward.  We visited downtown for a bit before driving the coastal highway back to St. Augustine for our final night at the RV park.

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