Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 195 - Cherry Blossoms and Monuments

We woke to a spectacular sunny and brisk day and decided to spend it outside.  We drove to the Park and Ride and took the DC Metro to the Mall.  There we toured the monuments to Washington, WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean War, MLK, and FDR.  Stunning, moving, a bit choked up at times, and certainly a highlight to our day.

Then we headed over to the Washington Harbor or a great seafood TACO lunch followed by Andi's treat to a Potomac River cruise.  I had never seen the city and monuments from the river and it was a really nice, relaxing way to end the afternoon.

A cab ride back to a nearby Metro station and the train back to our home ended with a warm, home-cooked meal and some quiet time before bed.

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