Thursday, April 27, 2017

Days 211 - Providence, RI

Today started off with a bang as Sr. Geeps took us everywhere we did not want to go.  As skillful as we think we are at using this thing, we still can't get it to avoid costly tolls.  In addition to the $84 the George Washington Bridge cost, yes $84, we had to drive Nirvy through New York City traffic.  We slowly worked our way through upper Manhattan and into Connecticut where things became rural very quickly.  From there it was straight across to Rhode Island where we were now hoping to stay for six nights instead of two.  It seems that there is nothing even remotely closed to Boston that is either open or Rhode Island is going to be our home base for about a week.  We arrived at the campground to find it sparsely occupied.  The site was fine, right next to the showers and laundry, and the WiFi was awesome.  At $22 a night we felt pretty good about our decision to base our Massachusetts exploration from Rhode Island.

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