Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 199 - Russian Visas and Gettysburg

Today was the day to file our visas.  We were so pround of ourselves having toiled over those damn applications now for days.  Armed with our data we once again presented ourselves at ILS-Invisa only to discover there were still a few errors.  Luckily we brought our laptops and were able to affect the changes and get submitted.

With the visa issue now put to bed we headed out for our last day together and a visit to Gettysburg.  Along the way we took a chance at one exit and lo and behold, a Chinese Restaurant.  And not just a restaurant...a huge buffet...with sushi and hibachi, and just about everything else in for $7.99,  beverage included.  Yikes.

We finished the drive crossing the Pennsylvania state line (No. 30) and on to Gettysburg where we toured the museum and then drove around the monument.  With Bobbie's headache raging once again we decided to head back to camp and have a quiet evening...tonight being Andi's last with us until Glasgow in August.

The highlight was in the museum where we viewed the recently restored 130 year old 360 degree mural called the Cyclorama.  Magnificent in both presentaiton and scope.  Afterward we toured the battlefields.

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