Saturday, May 13, 2017

227 - 229 - Dearborne, Michigan

On the road from Niagara we searched online for Cleveland only to discover no RV night stays at a Walmart and no Cabela's.  We opted to drive on to Detroit four hours ahead.  Outside of town in the city of Dearborne we found a nice former KOA park and parked for three days.  It was still raining hard and as we discovered, we were in the middle of a huge storm covering the Midwest as far away as Colorado.  The storm was causing wide spread flooding in many states.

It stormed all day and into the night.  The following day things cleared up and we headed over to the Ford Museum.  We toured the museum for many hours, enjoyed lunch, and then headed back, deciding to return the next day to see the factory.

The following day we drove back to the Ford and visited the factory.  Very cool tour begin able to watch a huge assembly line making F-150 pickup trucks!

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