Sunday, May 7, 2017

Days 212-217 - Exploring Massachusetts

Over the next four days we visited Cape Cod.  We had a completely different expectation of the hook. The road was a full-on four lane divided highway all the way to Provincetown at the tip.  The peninsula is heavily wooded and there was no chance of seeing the water (on both sides) without getting off the highway and taking a local road to the coasts,  It was also turning out to be an eight hour day of driving and sightseeing and it was overcast and wet.

The drive was pleasant nevertheless and we reached the tip of the horn and Provincetown around noon.  The place was shut up tight with tourist season a few weeks away.  There were a couple of restaurants open serving limited menus.  We both opted for the chowder  It was okay.  Tasty.  Not worth the eight hour drive...LOL.

The Pilgrim Memorial was open and that provided the justification we needed for such a long drive day.  It was third grade all over again with dioramas, stuffed turkeys, and maps.  The tower itself was grand with a 270ish step climb to the top and great views.  After our visit we drop back through Providence and to camp.

We woke the next day to heavy rain.  A cold front was approaching a well and it ended up being a "shelter-in-place" day as we listened to high wind and flood warnings for the area.  We slept in a bit, got some paperwork done, and watched a lot of TV.  Thank goodness for the great WiFi.

The next day we headed to Boston.  All of the tourist sites warn against driving into the city and apparently parking is an issue as well.  It was an hour drive to the par and ride.  There we boarded the old trolley system to meet up with the Metro.  From there it was a over/underground 40 minutes to the downtown station.  Again, cloudy and rainy, we opted for a covered Hop On Hop Off bus tour. We drove halfway around the city, seeing the highlights and got off at the Christian Science Church stop.  There we saw the "glass globe."  This was the reason for our visit although the architecture of the church and adjoining buildings was terrific.  From there we enjoyed lunch at a local high-end grocery store's deli.  A little walking around was followed by the rest of the city tour, the train ride back to the car, and the drive home.  So much for a lot of time in Boston...LOL.

The following two days we went to a few movies at a local theater we discovered, shopped for supplies for our Maine adventure and enjoyed the quiet RV park and GREAT WIFI.  By now you are started to understand how much we really appreciate a strong

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