Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 244 - Millennium Park, Field Museum, and Art Institute

We caught the morning commuter train out of Portage/Ogden Dunes and enjoyed the 90 ride into the city.  The train made a lot of stops and it was folks going to work that filled the train.  We arrived in the city center, the Chicago Loop. and wandered around a bit.  We stopped in at the building where I used to office when working for Dunhill.  Now it is a jewelry store on the ground floor and office on the mezzanine.  Funny how things change.  We headed over to the "bean" or more appropriately named, "Cloud" sculpture in Millennium Park.  The sculpture was very cool with its seamless mirror finish and the way it distorted our image and the background.  Taking a selfie had a different perspective.

We then wandered over to the Art Institute where we spent the better part of three hours.  The Whistler (mother) has just returned and it was great to include that in our ever-growing list of great paintings we have seen.

We ended our day at the Field Museum.  This was a bit of disappointment.  The museum hasn't been updated in years and all of the new exhibits were individually charged for entry.  Nevertheless after a few hours of wandering around, we had enjoyed a few things before agreeing we were bushed and ready to head back to Portage.  The one hour return drive was pleasant along the Chicago Skyway (toll road).

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