Monday, November 26, 2018

Kutasi - Four Days in the Caucasus Mountains

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Traveling from Gori we headed northward toward the Caucasus Mountains and wound our way through valleys and river gorges for several hours. It was a beautiful drive.  Lovely quaint villages, lots of old churches...a Roman ruin, and vendors selling bread and fish along the way.  At a view point we stopped and enjoy a picnic lunch.

We reached Kutasi, and although the third largest city in Georgia with about 140,000 residents, it seemed like a sleepy European town.  We found our Airbnb and settled in for a lazy four night stay.  Our place this time was a family home, vacated when booked, had been recently renovated and was quite nice and comfortable.  The kitchen hadn't received much work yet but the bathroom, although with an outside entrance was awesome.

 The Thanksgiving holiday fell during our stay and although we could not find a turkey, a chicken in the toaster over worked out fine.  We made a traditional holiday dinner and enjoyed a homemade lemon dessert.

It was overcast most of our days and we enjoyed walking around the city and the local markets.

 There is a river the runs through the center of town and the white marble bottom smoothed by eons of running water was unique.  This B/W photo really shows the contrast.
Caves seems to be one of our things lately so there was a famous one outside of the city and we visited it one afternoon.  It is called Prometheus Cave although we never did get an explanation as to the relevance of the God of Fire.  The boats were not running due to low water.  It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours.,

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