Thursday, August 25, 2016

Campbell to Orange County

Departing San Jose it was a quick 90-minute ride to Monterey where we spend three days with our cousins.  It was a great rest, a chance to catch up on family news, and enjoy some special time with what's left of our Monterey family.  We saw a couple of movies, Joy made us her famous pasta and meatballs, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant on the wharf, and did a nice long drive around the peninsula.

We departed early a few days later for our ride down Hwy 1 to Los Osos.  The smoke from the fires was still in the air, through the fires were somewhat contained.  We had both been looking forward to the ride along California's stunning coastline.  However, the road was a lot windier on a motorcycle and it was not a pleasant ride.  Once we got out of the cliffside, the road opened up and then it was grand.

Image result for hwy 1 california coast

Image result for hwy 1 california coast

We arrived at friends, Terry and Diann, in Los Osos and were treated to a lovely home with a million dollar view, special home-cooked dinner, and some great conversation.

We departed early the next morning for our longest road segment yet, mostly on high-speed freeways.  Once is LA it was quite an adventure for two Alaskans on motorcycles maneuvering through multiple lanes of traffic,  We arrived at Bobbie's sister's home mid afternoon.  It took us less than an hour to unpack the bikes and put them to sleep in the garage.  We said a short farewell to our faithful steeds, all prepped and ready to go to their new owners.

We will be in Orange County with family for the next three weeks getting ready for our great USA road adventure.

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