Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Pacific Coast Highway Motorcycle Trek - Saturday, August 12th

We've been at friends Dan and Louise for a week now.  They hosted our rental truck arrival and assisted with unloading into our storage unit.  They allowed us to use their home address to establish residency, voting privileges, and get our driver's licenses,  They gave us time to adjust from a pretty chaotic three weeks just prior in getting our affairs in order to leave Alaska.

During this week we have shipped a few packages to LA in anticipation for our RV adventure, got Tom's motorcycle tuned up and prepped for the ride, and did a full evaluation of Bobbie's bike and a few tweaks.  We got a lot of personal business, bank transfers, etc. done and had time to really enjoy our friends before departing for what may be six years in between hugs.  All that is holding us up now is the delivery this morning of a new backup battery for Bobbie's bike.  As soon as it arrives we are off and riding.

The weather for the next week promises bright, sunny skies.  Leaving on a weekend also promises lots of full parks and busy highways.  But we are ready and we want to take off.  One of the things that is becoming blatantly obvious is the time between the goodbyes we make over the course of the next many months and the next time we will see many folks again.  Once we head overseas next July it will be at least six years before we plan to return stateside. the battery arrived at 5PM.  Another night in luxury before hitting road.

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