Sunday, August 14, 2016

Whidbey Island to Tillamook

We departed Dan and Louise's house at 8:45AM and arrived at the Port Townsend ferry.  The bikes ride totally different once they are fully loaded.  So to document the event I dropped mine once we giot in line for the ferry.  thanks to a couple of other riders, we got it back up on it's stand with no damage.

The ferry ride was great...first one, first off, and once we landed we headed out of town and through the Olympic Peninsula.  We stoppednby Crescent Lake for a break and then on to Forks for gas.  Afterward we found a little spot with some shade and had lunch.  The traffic was at time intense and it was a pretty stressful ride getting used to the new load and all those cars and trucks.

We landed at a sweet RV park in Haoquim just north of Aberdeen.  The park sits on a riverbank and the spot was perfect after a long first day.  To sweeten the deal the park honored career military by giving us a free stay.  We had sausage chili for dinner and hit the bags early.  Two Aleve and a little medicinal herb and we both has a great night.

We woke to a crisp coastal morning with fog and mist.  We had a lazy start with a full brakfast and were one the road by 9:00.  The drive down through Aberdeen and then up and through the coastal mountains and beaches was totally more relaxing and we arrived in Astoria just before lunch.  After scouting out the place, we decided to visit the Lewis and Clark site at Ft. Clatsup, had lunch, and then made Tillamook our destination.

The traffic on the north coast of Oregon was amazing.  Often bumper to bumper in many small towns along the 101.  We arrive in Tillamook, did a grocery stop at the Fred Meyer, and headed straight for an RV park across from the factory.  It was a very long day.

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love hearing about your travels...great pics