Friday, November 4, 2016

Days 41 - 47 The Ties That Bind Us - in a Good Way!

Spend the last week with special people in our lives.  First we were with Andi and Dean.  We visited the local haunts, drank plenty of great midwestern beer, and ate well beyond the limits of reascon.  Heartburn, acid reflux, and lethargia quickly set in as part of our daily  A nice family BBQ gave us an opportunity to see poeple we haven't connected with in years.

After four days we moved on to our cousin Aleana's place, a lovely home well off the main road on a small private lake with plenty of trees.  What a grand hideout for a few days.

Once again some fine dining dotted our schedule as well as an unexpected surprise of going to a Halloween Parade.  It was another one of those "last time you did something for the first time" moments.

A local high school swim meet, a family dinner, some new faces, and lots of time to rest and catch up on favorite TV shows all added to the great stay.  We even got to enjoy a few movies!!!

And of course on our last day we got the RV stuck in the front lawn and had to be towed out.....

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