Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 40 - Leaving the Southwest in Route to St. Louis

We departed Albuquerque and headed northeast to Oklahoma and then into Kansas.  The terrain changed from high desert to flat plains.  We dropped from 7,000 to 2500 feet over the course of 450 miles.  Our destination today was Dodge City, a huge cattle station and historic location of the Old West.  We spent the night in a Walmart parking lot.

The drive to Kansas City the next morning was interesting.  Instead of taking the interstate at 75 mph we chose a local highway, two hours longer of course, and through many small farm towns.  The view was solely wheat and corn fields, dotted here and there with windmills as well as oil and gas wells.

About every 25 miles there would be a huge gram silo and a small town built around it.  The highway passed straight through the middle with the grain opeartion of one side and the town on the other.  Each as an almost boilerplate replica of the prior.  Beautiful old town and government buidlings and huge central squares.  Some were obviously prosperous and others reflected the now closed gram elevators.

We arrive at a nice RV park outside of Kansas City, MO and enjoyed the evening.  We departed early the next day and arrived at Andi and Dean's home in southern Illionoi by late afternoon.  Andi is Bobbie's sister and we will be here for about a week.


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