Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Days 56-59 - Memphis, TN

The drive to Memphis was short, only four hours.  We crossed the Mississippi River and found an nice RV park on the river bank in West Memphis, Arkansas. We set up camp and settled in for the night.

We started off the next day with a visit to the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid. Interesting building devoted to the retail giant.  The pyramid is hollow and enclosed the retail space, a hotel, a fishing pond, shooting gallery, and an elevator to the apex for views of the city,  It was quiet and no crowded and we took advantage of that to do a little shopping for some good walking shoes and a few tops.

Later that afternoon we headed out to the Botanical Garden for a bit of serenity. The gardens are a bit out of the city center.  It is a really nice park with manicurred paths and plantings as you would expect.  There were maybe ten cars in the lot and we did not run into more than that many people in the several hours we enjoyed the park.

On our thrid day we took in the National Civil Right Museum.  That was sombering and interesting.  A huge museum.  An experience to remember, especially standing where MLK was shot.

The Metal Museum was closed today and we did not feel like music or Graceland so we did a bit of shopping and headed back to camp for dinner and a bit of TV.

Our last day in Memphis is going to be a rest day in the park, maybe a bike ride, some laundry, some trip planning, and a lot of TV and TLC.

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