Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Days 54 to 56 - Off to Nashville, TN

A quiet morning in utter disbelif over the election was followed by the drive to Nashville.  It was lovely with more beautiful country and lots of small towns. We chose to use the Interstate system this time around instead of local highways.  We reached the northern suburbs of the city early afternoon and settled into a small, quaint RV park about 15 miles north of downtown.

First up the following morning was a visit to the Tennesee State Museum.  What a great operation.  Lots of interesting displays on the prehistoric and modern times.  Afterward we walked up to the capital building and then toured the military museum.

Being lunch time we headed over the music part of the city and enjoyed some pulled pork BBQ at a famous haunt.

Afterward we walked down to the Frist Museum of Art to view the Samari exhibit.  That night we treated ourselved to another movie before retirind back at camp.

Today we visited the Parthenon.  This building is not only an exact replica of the original in Athens, but also serves as a fine art gallery.  The statue of Athena was awesome as was the rest of the park.

It was a lovely day but there was little enthusiasm to go more so we found a movie theater close by and went to see Arrival.  That helped a bit.

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