Sunday, June 4, 2017

Days 249-255 - Madison, WS

We drove up from Wilmette, IL and arrived at our friend's home in Madison shortly after 11PM.  Pat and Noreen have been great friends of our for well over 15 years.  They originally started off as winter guests as our B&B and turned into special and dear friends over the years.  They have been after us for yuears to come and visit so we were happy to accommodate them by sleeping in their beds and eating their breakfasts for a change.  It was great to spend time with them, catch up from our last visit, and get to see some of Madison....actually, a lot of Madison.

We drove out to Baraboo and the former winter headquaters for Barnum and Bailey Circus.  We spent a half day viewing the circus wagons, all of the circus memorabilia, and enjoyed two performances. What a fun day that was.

We visited the campus of the University of Wisconsin where Pat and Noreen spent a great deal of their professional lives.  What a grand location right on the lake.  We walked around and enjoyed a few beers at the student union.

We toured the state capitol building.  While there we enjoyed a great privately guided tour.  What a magnificent building.  Too bad it still offices Scott Walker.

We enjoyed a few bike rides, long walks, and special time with Beany, their wonderful dog, who Bobbie was constantly planning to abduct.

We settled some additional personal business while there in regard to the upcoming closing on the sale of our home.  We are almost completely free!

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