Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Days 263 - 264 - Cody, Wyoming

Today we are three weeks away from ending our US Adventure.  Our stay in Cody, Wyoming, gateway to Yellowstone Park, was pleasant.  Twenty-seven years ago I almost bought a six bedroom Victorian here to start up a B&B.  Yep, way back then, this sleepy little town on the banks of the Shoshone River had a magical appeal.  Our son was only nine and we were enjoying our annual two week vacation, this time to Yellowstone.  This little town stole our hearts and imagination.  For several years there after that dream was alive and Cody was in our future plans.  The dream ended in 1991 when everything else in our lives abruptly changed.  That's another story not for this blog.

Now years later, driving the streets of town, it was hard to believe that this place once had captured my imagination as a place I would want to raise my son and live out my days.  Wow, have times changed in so many directions.

The William Cody Historical Center had tripled in size.  We spent the better part of three hours touring the five museums in the center.  The only one that had little appeal was the one that housed thousands and thousands of historical guns.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie at the local theater followed by a quiet evening in camp...and a very salty dinner that neither of us could finish...smile.

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