Monday, June 19, 2017

Days 277 - 278 - Portland

IT IS TOO DAMN HOT!!!  We arrived in Portland after a fabulous drive through the Columbia River Gorge.  Wow!  Stunning mountainscapes, water, and sky.  We settled into a lovely RV park on the Tualatin River about 20 minutes south of downtown and looked up a long lost nephew and his wife.

Bill Carlton is the son of Bobbie's oldest sister, Andy.  It had been over 30 years since they last saw each other.  His wife Allison was lovely and together we enjoyed catching up before treating them to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant they suggested.

Billy is also quite famous!  He is the grandmaster HIGH SCORER for a classic video arcade game called Missile Command.  It was extremely popular in the late 70's.  They made a movie about him back in 2006 called "High Score" that won several documentary awards.  Needless to say his place is covered with video game equipment from that period.

The following day we attempted to visit downtown.  It was well over 90^ in the shade.  We stopped by the Ninth Court of Appeals to offer our thanks before heading up to Washington Park an the Rose Garden.  The flowers were beautiful and the park was really busy,.  The line to get into the Japanese Gardens was so long, we opted to return to camp and our air-conditioning.

Tonight we will enjoy dinner again with Bill and Allison before heading north to Seattle and our first homecoming day.

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I sure have enjoyed each blog and look forward to reading about your next adventure..