Friday, April 6, 2018

Countries and Territories Visited - A Continuing List...

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As we traverse the world this is a list of the countries and territories we have visited...

No. Date Country/Territory Special Event or Memory
1 08/01/16 USA  46 States, Key West, Thanksgiving in Houston, Christmas in Ft. Lauderdale.  Time with family and friends.
2 12/01/16 Cuba Time with Becky and Leo.
3 07/05/17 Canada Calgary and that brand new airport…and long layover.
4 07/05/17 Iceland The beginning of our six months with George.
5 07/20/17 Wales Amazing scenery and grand BnBs.
6 07/27/17 England Time with John.
7 08/05/17 Scotland The beginning of our five months with Andi.
8 08/24/17 France Special time with Ivan.  The club joined us.  Rick and Susy.
9 09/01/17 Belgium We stepped out of the train to plant a foot.
10 09/01/17 Netherlands Amersterdam.
11 09/06/17 Germany Berlin
12 09/10/17 Denmark Copenhagen
13 09/14/17 Norway Special time with Kristin
14 09/18/17 Sweden The Vada
15 09/22/17 Finland Helsinki and the prison hotel
16 10/03/17 Russia Special time with Don, Dianna, and Aleana
17 10/16/17 Tartarstan Kazan
18 10/22/17 Baiyut Republic Irkutsk and Ulan Ude
19 11/01/17 Korea Seoul and that amazing road trip
20 12/15/17 Japan Sapporo, Tokyo and Osaka
21 03/13/18 Australia Amazing time with Jane and Louise, spectacular drive up the west coast to Darwin.
22 05/13/18 Bali Mother temple, monkey temple and that great apartment with the pool
23 05/20/18 Indonesia Jakarta - the smog, the heat, and the noise.
24 05/26/17 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru
25 06/05/18 Singapore The city itself, the heat, and the Botanical Gardens
26 06/09/18 Macau The long ferry ride

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