Sunday, April 8, 2018

Perth to Darwin - Days 2 - 6 - Coral Coast to Jurien Bay - 100+ Photos

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All settled in our bungalow, we planned out our next four days.  First we headed out to explore Nambung National Park and Lake Thetis.  We drove down the coast to the park.

 The visitor center was lovely....modern and had great informational displays.

 And this guy lives in the park feeding primarily at night.  A Rock Python.  There are also "browns" which of course of deadly.
 The fellas were on the deck outside of the visitor center.  Metal sculptures.
 The coastline in the distance.

 Desert bush drive.  All sand roads.
 And there they were...majectic.

 Zillions of them...

 Your choice..."Leopard in the Sand," or "Pricislla, Queen of the Desert."

 There were a "few" other tourists in the area so we decided to head up into the back hills a bit.

 Notice the long weaving tracks in the sand?  We did too, and when we realized what made them, and that they were EVERYWHERE, we backtracked quickly.

 And then this happened...a mom and two youngsters, lopping along...


  Next we headed to Lake Thetis in Cervantes.

 3,000 year old bacteria colonies.  The oldest living organisms on earth.  So cool.

 And sure enough...under a bush right on the side of the path.  Yippee!

 We decided to climb to the lookout above Hansen Bay.

 Then to the beach at 6PM to watch the sunset.

 We weren't disappointed.

  The next day we headed northeeast to Lesueur Naitonal Park for a climb and a few wildflowers.

 These guys were everywhere....

 Great informative signage again.  Starting to get hot and only 10AM.

 Trail into the bush.
 Boot wash to prevent transfer of soil borne diseases.

 Amazing display of biodiversity.

 Heading up the bluff.

   The top.  Fantastic views.

 A really rocky descent.
   And another one of those spectacular sunsets.
Our last two days in Jurien Bay were relaxing.  As has become part of our regular routine, we spent time kicking back, reading and working on an art project, catching up on emails, banking, and laundry.  In the afternoon we took our friend Louise's advice and drove back down to the pinnacles to see the amazing shadows displayed late in the day.  It was amazing of course.

Our last day was spent at home getting ready for our next drive day up to Kilbarri National Park.  We have learned the hard way that bulk buying in advance for produce and some dry goods is not a great idea.  Even though we were able to take advantage of the better prices in Perth, the heat and humidity of the coast are not conducive to long term storage.  We had to toss bread, some veggies and fruit.  From here on out we will have to use the refrigerator for most of our stuff and shop with the size of the unit in mind.  So far the potatoes, onion, garlic and apples are fairing well.  Canned goods and grains may become part of our regular diet as we progress further north and then east into the wilderness.

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