Sunday, April 29, 2018

Perth to Darwin - Days 21-25 - Six Days in Broome

After bush camping in Karijini and a grueling 936 km drive, we were ready for some R&R.  Upon arrival the mosquitoes made their attack and we quickly learned that to go outside meant being covered in repellent.  We unloaded the entire campervan, bringing inside all of our supplies, dry and canned goods, linens, bedding, and all of our clothes and electronics.  After five weeks on traveling it was time to assess our inventories and rearrange our lives once again.

Karma gave us a blessing once again, this time in barely missing the roof overhang to our parking space.  In the morning we realized that driving in after dark, we had missed by less than three inches in having the top of our campervan ruptured.  That would have been an ugly $3500 loss of our damage waiver.  We committed with thanks to not being so unaware the next time and from that point on every place we drove or parked got scouted out well before entering.

Broome is a sleepy town in the off season…we are about four weeks early…so few things were open and that was not an issue.  Our first day we did nothing but rest, catch up on emails, personal business, and relax.  For the next five days we ventured out in the late afternoon, visited the food market a few times, and museum, and went for a few walks at the beach.  Bobbie read several books, we caught up on several of our TV programs thanks to a stellar WiFi connection, and I began working with serious intent on our Africa plan for next summer.  I finished that effort by the end of our stay and sent it out to our friends.  We are hoping that a few will plan to join us for some part of our six month adventure to the Dark Continent.

Here are some memories of our stay in Broome, Western Australia.

It was sad how they abused the Aborigines in the pearl industry.  Switch the world "pearl" for "cotton" and you'll get a good idea.

 They were chained while diving so that they would have to return to the boat and not swim away.
 Our first Boab tree.

 Fall flowers in full bloom.
 Old sail making shed.

 Recipes from the 1800's
Lighhouse at the sunset point.
 Amazing rock shoreline at the sunset point.  There is where the dinosaur tracks are found.

 Dino tracks...

 The famous Cable Beach, rated one of the top ten beaches in the world.

 One of six amazing sunsets.

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