Monday, May 14, 2018

Bali - Our Week Begins

It was a long six hour flight sitting in the cheap seats on Virgin  Luckily we booked an aisle and a window (always do) and no one showed up for the middle.  We landed in Denpasar International Airport and immigration was a snap...except that once again the picture on my passport and my quickly aging face didn't match...LOL.

We were met at the gate by the manager of our villa and taken directly there in his private car.  Wow, for $30 a night we struck gold.  A beautiful private apartment with our own plunge pool, king bed, screaming wifi, a great little kitchen, and everything sparkling clean.

The next morning we headed out on a walk about the neighborhood.  We were welcomed at our front door by a flower and incense offering. 

 Our first stop was a little cafe for some breakfast.
 The prices were amazing.  Divide the prices shown here by 14 and you get entrees for about $2.50 USD.  Looks like we won't be cooking too much while in Bali.
 A great Indonesian style breakfast.
 Next up we went to the grocery store to scout things out.  The food prices are amazing.  The chicken was about $1 a pound.  The beef about the same.

 This is snake fruit...aptly named becuase of the skin.
 Cookwear was a real took great restraint to not buy any...LOL.
 Tons of incense.
 The second floor was all souvenirs and clothes.
 And masks of all shapes and sized and priced within our budget limits.  Another box will be headed to Louise for safe keeping.

From there we wandered down to the beach and then walked along the coastline for several miles.  The vendors were everywhere but pleasant and not too pushy.  And it was HOT!!!

 This caught my eye...
 And at the end of our day we hit our private pool for a dip.

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