Monday, May 28, 2018

Batu Caves

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We devoted a full day to visiting the famous caves of Batu.  A 30 minute taxi ride was $10 and got us to the entrance gate.  Once there we wandered the vistor area and popped into a local gift shop where we scored a few really great masks.  The entrance to the caves has a huge five story tall golden Hindu goddess.

 The climb is 300+ steps and it took a while.
 The entrance to the caves.

 More steps inside.
 The top of the cave long ago collapsed creating a natural light well.  It was quite amazing.  It had rained the night before and water was dripping everywhere...and thus adding to the magnificant stalactites.

 Several small temples...all being worked on in prepration for the big tourist season that starts in a few weeks.  This is a Hindu temple and there were tons of visitors of India.
 Skylights in one of the chambers.
 Many small statues depicting the Hindu gods were placed about the cave.

 This one was interesting.
 And then the long climb back down.

 We took the metro back and on the way spotted these really cool apartment buidings.
 The single tower on the right is actually two buildings side by side.  Very unique.

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